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Signature Freshening Sprays
Signature Freshening Sprays

Signature Freshening Sprays

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Our Freshening Sprays are ideal for sprucing up any nook and cranny. Freshen your bedding (pillows, covers, towels… you get it), bathroom, pet and baby zones, stinky sneakers and gym bags, or spritz 'em on yourself - you're worth it!

Size: 4oz (118.2 mL)

Gently give your bottle a shake, then spritz away! However, beware of slippery spots if you mist over wood or tiles.

Ingredientspurified water, witch hazel, fragrance, essential oils

Scent Offerings & Descriptions:

Amber + Vanilla - amber, vanilla, leather, sandalwood, and tonka bean

Black Sea - cologne, citrus, sea salt, ozone, plum, and black amber

Coconut + Bamboo - coconut, bamboo, green florals, and ozone

Cozy Cabin - cranberry, bayberry, cinnamon, and cedarwood 

Explore - rosewood, cedar, earthy moss, pine, amber, clove, and patchouli

Fresh Linen - lemon, fresh linens, powder, and fabric softener

Homebody - golden amber, cotton, sugared cashmere, and light florals 

Lakeside Evergreens - cedar, evergreens, pinecones, eucalyptus, spruce, citrus, and cinnamon 

Lavender Fields - herbal lavender, soft wood, and green florals 

Mountain Lodge - mountain air, cedarwood, amber, smoke embers, white birch, and tonka bean 

Orange Grove - mandarin, orange, citron, tangerine, lemon, and green leaves

Patchouli Sandalwood - patchouli resin, sandalwood, amber crystal, and canella bark

Vanilla Woods - creamy vanilla, ebony wood, cologne, and iced lavender

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Annette Gregory
Great air freshener and linen spray

I absolutely love the patchouli and sandalwood spray. I always spray it on my linens which is part of my bedtime routine. I also have the roll on perfume which is one of favs.


Love the Cozy Cabin Refreshing Spray! We use it on our Linens in our bedroom and love that it lasts for days. A little goes a long way which is wonderful.


Love this fragrance!


I love the fragrance sprays so much. A personal favorite is the Amber and vanilla. The scent is so fresh, warm , and calming. I highly recommend this product