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Freshening Sprays
Freshening Sprays
Freshening Sprays

Freshening Sprays

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These Freshening Sprays are perfect for anywhere that needs extra freshening. Use them on your linens (pillows, blankets, towels, etc..) in your bathroom, around litter boxes and diaper pails, inside shoes and gym bags, even on yourself as a body spray

Net Weight: 4oz (118.2 mL)

Directions For Use: Shake well and spray wherever freshening is needed. Use caution spraying over wood or tile floors, make become slippery! 

Ingredientspurified water, witch hazel, fragrance, essential oils


Fragrance Offerings: 

Alpine Getaway - eucalyptus, cypress, and pine

Amber + Vanilla - amber, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, and dark musk

Apple Orchard - fresh apple, green leaves, pear, vanilla

Black Plum + Amber - plum, spice, cinnamon, fir, incense, benzoin, wood

Black Sea - citrus, sea salt, ozone, plum, amber, and dark musk

Cozy Cabin - cinnamon, orange zest, cranberry, bayberry, and wood

Desert Flower - cactus flower, aloe, chrysanthemum, agave

Fresh Linen - lemon, linen, green florals, and light musk

Juniper Berry - citrus, juniper, pine, red currant, berries, fresh air, pear, sage, flower blossoms

Lavender + White Sage - lavender, chamomile, sage, rosemary, sandalwood, camphor, cedarwood

Orange Grove - bergamot, grapefruit, orange, green leaves, and neroli

Rainy Day - fresh rainfall, dewdrops, ozone, wet earth, jasmine, light musk, powder

Rosemary Lemongrass - rosemary, eucalyptus, sage, lemongrass, pine fir

Seaside Lilies - sea salt, lilies, ozone, jasmine, green leaves, ocean mist

Sweetgrass + Sage - grass, bergamot, sage, lavender, oakmoss, and violet

Sweet Tobacco - vanilla, tobacco, and cedar